Human Rights Unity

Philippe Argillier
President of Human Rights Unity

The content of this site will inform you about the structure of the RDH, Rassemblement des Droits de l’Homme in France, so that you can become familiar with our ideology.

Our American representatives will soon be replacing the content of the RDH, dealing with French politics, by the HRU program, domains of intervention and measures for the American people.

Solidarity Subcommittee

This sub-committee is that of fraternity, empathy and resourcefulness. It aims to improve the lives of everyone through all systems that we may come to form. Many solutions exist, but are not disseminated and adapted to each region.

Together, let’s improve our lives and our future with emergency solutions in the field, but also develop long-term solidarity among citizens. Let’s help build this core subcommittee and show the way to our children.


Because health is the concern of everyone, it must be at the center of HRU concerns. Our healthcare system is one of the best that exist, but it is lost in the capitalism that’s suffocating it. Together, let’s find a fair and equitable system so that French people can access quality care. This system will have to put the human being before money and at the center of the debate.