Human Rights Unity

“I’m not a politician and I don’t have a personal agenda. On the other hand, I am prepared to respond to the call of the French people by taking the leadership of France in 2022 under one condition: that of accepting a term of office limited to 36 months, with a referendum at the end of that term for the citizens of France to decide whether or not they want to continue with my leadership to end the official term of 5 years.”

Philippe Argillier
President of Human Rights Unity

The content of this site will inform you about the structure of the RDH, Rassemblement des Droits de l’Homme in France, so that you can become familiar with our ideology.

Our American representatives will soon be replacing the content of the RDH, dealing with French politics, by the HRU program, domains of intervention and measures for the American people.

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The Strategy Sessions: Part I

Philippe Argillier explains the Shadow Government and the dynamic power of the Databanks.


Philippe Argillier aux États Unis : Quand la vérité s’exporte!!!



Le Créancier (The Creditor) is an autobiographical book that I wrote in 2014. To date, for strategic reasons, it still hasn’t been published. Since many events, which I’ve been able to initiate with the support of several networks, have been in the news since 2014, I decided to add several chapters. The most recent tells the story of the creation “in the field” of RDH, while the preparation of this movement was beginning in 2014. In this book, you’ll discover my universe; a universe made by design; a universe where the quest for justice is vital; a universe where the sole faith is law.

Though I haven’t yet chosen the release date, I’ve decided to share a few passages with you; others will follow.

When it comes out, you’ll discover a copy of several sensitive documents related to state contracts with sovereign countries. These documents were developed during my years as a consultant to governments. They are now stored in databases that will one day be available to the general public, and I cannot access them anymore.

I am not the only one to continue this quest for morality, in which rendering justice to the most deprived has become a mission for some of us. The future of policy seems limited in the face of existing networks that now own the data banks that influence public institutions holding power, including all the existing lobbies. It turns out that these networks advocate the sovereignty of the people against the State. It turns out that I share their same value.

I now invite you to enter my universe by discovering a few excerpts from Le Créancier. Have a nice trip…!

Excerpt 1

It was at this time that one of my advisers called me to inform me that a diplomat from an African country wanted to see me. After checking the data and especially out of curiosity, I accepted the appointment. I chose the place, the day, and the time. Place: Hôtel de Paris in Monaco. Day: Tuesday. Time: 3:00 p.m. My appointments never happen before 2:00 p.m. because I sleep in the morning. My nights are spent circling the earth by phone. I move through the different time zones until six or seven in the morning. Fortunately for me, I love the night-time. Here I was in my suite at the Hôtel de Paris waiting for this diplomat. I had no idea what he wanted to talk about, but I was curious. At 3:50 p.m., the head of my security detail told me that the diplomat in question had arrived but, apparently, he had not gone unnoticed. In fact, he’d arrived at the wheel of a Smart with consular plates, which he’d parked in front of the stairs of the hotel. The Place du Casino was starting to really come alive. Nothing more boring and predictable than to park a Rolls or a Ferrari at this spot. But a Smart… very smart on his part. So, getting back to his very noticed arrival. From the Smart in question came a white man dressed in black, weighing approximately 150 kilos (330 lbs.). Our meeting went extremely well. He was very friendly and warm. We chatted about everything and nothing and finally, I asked him the question. “Why did you want to see me?” His answer was as succinct as my question. “Our President needs you.” “Needs me?” “Yes, needs your structure, needs your advice and we agree to establish receivables owed to you.” Apparently, they were quite familiar with me. One of my partners in South America was a close friend of his President and, thanks to him, the President was able to observe my results, especially those that made some people very, very rich. The President governed a small country in Africa, small in size but big in potential. Its location was also conducive to the territorial expansion of tourism. Its positioniong offered a wealth of opportunity and, especially, its President was eager to get rich quickly, very quickly. Their initial proposal did not suit me. I suggested to this diplomat that we see each other again a week later, same day, same time, same location with “my” proposal. The appointment was kept and we saw each other again as planned. Same Smart, same noticeable arrival. After talking about everything and nothing, I submitted my proposal. It was very simple. It was two pages long. He read it, looked at me and said: “You’re pushing it a little, I think we can come to terms, but not on all your conditions.” Relieved, I thanked him for traveling again, wished him a good trip back and asked him to thank his President for the honor he had given me by choosing me to assist him in his presidential duties. “Not so fast,” he replied, “I’m calling the President ”. I’m calling the president? Was he joking? One doesn’t call a President from a suite of the Hôtel de Paris to negotiate a State contract… Well yes, in fact, apparently one does call a President from a suite of the Hôtel de Paris to negotiate a State contract. I was learning my first lesson about the government. They spoke to each other, asked if I wanted to speak to the President. I refused. He then decided to leave the suite for a moment to have a private discussion with the President. I waited alone in the suite. I had no idea what they could be saying to each other. What did one say to a President at times like this? My experience thus far wasn’t able to provide me with the answer. The interruption was very short. He returned with a big smile. “Congratulations, your proposal is accepted”. And that’s how one reaches the highest level of the state. All you need is a beautiful suite at the Hôtel de Paris, a Smart and, especially, a good diplomat who is a person of influence. Here I was preparing my entry into the real world of finance. My contract started a few weeks before September 11, 2001. I was far from expecting what was going to happen. In the process, a friend of my diplomat contacted me and offered similar contract with another country. After a short interview with his President, I decided to accept it. My wife had just passed her ninth month of pregnancy and we were preparing to welcome our daughter. The events of September 11th were a veritable apocalypse. On September 24, 2001, my daughter was born. A beautiful baby full of life and with a healthy set of lungs. The pace of life really began to pick up. I was happy. One day in November 2001, I got a call from my state contact (let’s call him that) from the first country I’d made agreements with. He asked me to meet him. Generally, until then, all communications had been made through secure telephone channels. This time the meeting took place in a private villa on the French Riviera. I was being asked to facilitate a contract that was apparently already under negotiation between a private American group, very close to its government, and the country in question. This contract involved making of a part of their territory available, in exchange for very substantial funds,  to accommodate tens of thousands of soldiers who would position themselves in their country. The negotiation was done very quickly through intermediaries and under the watchful eye of the President. As expected, the military arrived. My analysis of what happened on September 11th was now different from what I was led to understand through the media, because now I understood how the affairs of a government are negotiated. I learned very quickly about the inner workings of these infernal machines that guide us. I had to confront a reality that was becoming unbearable but it was too late, I’d committed myself and I would honor my commitments. The data acquired would remain my one and only secure item in my database. I was becoming indispensable because I was the only one to control all the new structures in place and to control all the sensitive information to which very few had access. Of course, at the outset, it was not intended for me to be familiar with them. Some of this information can make or break some governments. Some very influential people who had been around for years were beginning to wonder how much I knew about these structures. What does he know? Do I know it myself? Deals were accumulating at a dizzying speed. I negotiated on behalf of, I decided on behalf of, I invested on behalf of and, finally, I was running a large part of the economy of both countries. A third country approached me to assist and advise them. The contracts, though similar, were different because they allowed me to intervene in several economic sectors of each country. I’ve been offered ambassadorships and positions as private advisor to various Presidents. I refuse each time I’m offered diplomatic immunity because that would weaken me and also, my receivables alone give me immunity because there is no means of putting pressure on them. Every day I experience the unofficial activities of my governments and I assimilate their daily operations while also developing other operating structures. I am disturbed because I have learned that some funds intended for humanitarian purposes and funded by taxpayers are being used for profit.

Excerpt 2

It is impossible for a taxpayer to audit his government regarding his tax contribution for humanitarian purposes. He will be told that humanitarian funds that are sent to poor countries cannot be audited for lack of a structure on site. A well-structured lack of structure! On the other hand, this same government can send you a tax inspector, who is paid by your taxes, and therefore who works for you, to audit you at any time. The functioning of the government structure works perfectly. It’s based on intimidation. Politics will make you believe anything. I know very few politicians whom I respect. Most are simple puppets who do not care about the citizens and are there only to satisfy their personal ambitions and to satisfy their egos. A large majority of incumbent Presidents only execute orders that “come from elsewhere”. Very often, at the expense of taxpayers, a government unofficially invites the family and entourage of a foreign president to spend their vacations in their territory. For information, such an invitation represents expenses of more than 50,000 euros per day and some of these invitations may extend for a month or more. It’s not uncommon for the expenses incurred for a stay of one month to total more than two million euros. These expenses are paid in full by taxpayers but do not give them anything in return. The government motivations behind these zealous excesses have other purposes than providing taxpayers with anything.

Excerpt 3

The anonymity of the representatives of the countries for which I do consulting is law. Here’s an anecdote that illustrates the extent of my relationships with my interlocutors. I had a meeting scheduled with one of the official representatives of one of the countries with which I do consulting to give him very specific instructions for his President. The interview took place in a luxury hotel in Cannes. Once the interview was over, I let the representative leave and I waited a few minutes before also leaving. I passed him in the lobby of the hotel but we didn’t exchange glances. Three days later, the President in question held a press conference to announce new economic measures he’d decided to implement for a promising future for his country. The President in question had a good memory because he’d been able, right down to the comma, to remember all the instructions that had been given to him three days prior.

Excerpt 4

There is no government force that can act without taxpayer funding. You are the only master on board. It’s up to you to steer the ship in the right direction using the headwinds.

Excerpt 5

During the summer, I privately receive several dignitaries from foreign countries. They spend several weeks on the French Riviera. Some of them stay in private residences, including one in Cap Martin in the south of France, others stay in luxury hotels or on yachts rented by the week. During one such stay when I had invited the family of an African President, I received a call from his Chief of Protocol asking me to join the President on his boat for a meeting. At 3:00 p.m., a boat collected me at the small port of Villefranche to take me to the yacht where my high dignitary was waiting. The President was waiting for me on deck and received me with open arms. After a strong hug, he invited me to join him in the lounge where another person was already present. He introduced me to him. This person was an American businessman of Russian origin. Apparently, this man wanted to invest large sums in the country in question. I listened to him, but above all I tried to understand why the President was going against our agreements, notably that he had agreed to never arrange business meetings without my prior consent. The businessman told me of his intentions but, in particular, he insisted that his involvement in the country would bring a lot to the President. Indeed, his proposal brought a lot to the President but very little to his people. When he had finished his presentation, this businessman asked me if I could support his request with the people who would be responsible for signing such an agreement. There was silence, a very long silence in this room. There were three of us in this room but so many in my head. I heard the hungry cries of all those children who were barely surviving in this country. I also heard the sobs of mothers, prostrate in front of the body of their child, who’d died of hunger or something else. I decided to answer him by asking him a question. “Do you have children?” Surprised by my question, he answered nervously that he did. How can one respond nervously to such a simple question?  I then resumed the discussion by saying that the priority of the President was not himself, but his country. The President was silent. The businessman had nothing to say. It was time for me to say goodbye so I wished him a great day on board this magnificent yacht, which was rented at my expense. The following day I received a written note from the President reading “Excellent meeting and thanks again for your generosity”. Had he received the message sent during this meeting? We never spoke of it again.

Excerpt 6

I introduced a unique concept and, to say the least, unusual, that would enrich me in a colossal way and, especially, make me powerful, very powerful. To be at the head of a financial empire without owning anything but to which one owes everything. I become the king of claims.

Excerpt 7

I am called on to negotiate “impossible deals” and to renegotiate “existing deals”. I develop a very closed core group of private advisers who assist me at the highest level to solve certain problems. My reputation allows me some excesses. My strength is irrefutable. I am everywhere and nowhere at the same time. I manage without managing and I decide without deciding. My claims allow me to access the most powerful companies. My strike force is dazzling but disturbing for some. The main persons worried about my strike force are those who first adhered to this principle of claims. Information is master and commander. I provide the information, they execute it. All the information remains in a database and I am the only one to have access to it.

Excerpt 8

Life is a real adventure to be lived in spite of its appearances. We never really know what’s going to happen even though our agendas define our schedules, but what schedule does life hold in store for us? This question is essential because it questions our reason for being. Are we, thus, subject to the unpredictable? The answer is yes. It is for this reason that we must understand life in a very different way from what our society imposes on us, namely to learn to put things into perspective. Yes, put things into perspective in all aspects, and everywhere. To know how to distinguish the important from the superfluous.

Excerpt 9

The strength of each represents the strength of all. So, imagine this force multiplied by eight billion.

Excerpt 10

Never forget that the force of love remains invulnerable to all contrary forces. Choose the winning horse.

Excerpt 11

A government is a relentless machine, a system that is multi-faceted, ingeniously manipulated and programmed.

Excerpt 12

You represent the supreme force and it is for this reason alone that they reduce you to ordinary citizens without recourse. The truth is that you are the supreme power and all these policies are here to serve you and not the other way around. Without you, they do not exist.

Excerpt 13

The government system is managed by two structures that are quite distinct from each other. The first structure is none other than the one that everyone sees. Let’s refer to it as the official government. The one you vote for, the one everyone knows about and can access. We find it everywhere. It is omnipresent in the media, on the Internet, in speeches, and especially in your portfolios. This is the world of beautiful speeches, official convoys, in short, the government in all its splendor as we want to exhibit it. The second structure is quite different, the opposite by 180 degrees. I will refer to it as the unofficial government. There, we forget the beautiful speeches and the official convoys, but it is still anchored in your portfolios. Very few people have access to it and all those who run these structures generally have no official government positions. They are the ones who lead and make the decisions. A totally opaque world, unknown to the general public and yet, quite real. A totally corrupt world without scruples. A handful of individuals totally unknown to the media master these gigantic structures. They negotiate on behalf of, they decide on behalf of, and they cash in on behalf of. They plan crises to create unfortunate events just like a company that opens a subsidiary at a loss to pay less taxes, the only difference being that it is to collect more taxes. They make sure that poor countries stay poor because their Machiavellian structure is based on the principle that rich countries can only get richer if poor countries become poorer. Sometimes confrontations are generated in certain countries among the people of a region. If necessary, weapons will be provided to a part of its population to destabilize a particular region that will allow a similar contract to be established in another region that is more profitable. Some Presidents even have a cost. For example, one can use a country to facilitate certain transactions, especially if they require an irrefutable banking structure. Several banks are available for this purpose but very few will have access to this network even if you can afford to allocate some thirty million euros a year to the President in office.  This is the average cost of a corrupt President in certain countries. There is a real paradox with the African continent, which remains poor despite all the financial and humanitarian aid granted to it. The real shame is that in spite of having a wealth of natural resources, African people are denied the economic benefits of that wealth to benefit others.

Excerpt 14

At the same time, I am looking for a spiritual state icon for the program. The choice is easy, the Dalai Lama. A meeting was held on July 26, 2008, and the venue was Aspen, Colorado. I accepted the appointment even though he was on an official visit to the country. My meeting with him was scheduled at the same time that he was meeting the presidential candidates of 2008. My arrival was of great interest to the American secret service. Our meeting was exceptional. He was waiting for me and opened the door to greet me. He told me he would be happy to be part of my program and asked me to meet his then prime minister, Samdhong Rinpoche, with whom I became fast friends. I invited him to spend a few days in Beverly Hills where we would be able to discuss the details of my offer.

Excerpt 15

Why did I decide to write a book? I must admit that my wife has really pushed me to do it. Many close friends have also suggested the idea. Larry King repeatedly advised me to write my autobiography. A team from CNN even spent a whole afternoon in my home in Beverly Hills trying to better understand my character, although it was understood that no journalistic leaks were to occur following our interview.

Excerpt 16

I decided to meet some icons from different backgrounds to invite them to join me in my program, which is a real race against time. Thus far, my sole network of collaboration and communication has remained very closed. I meet stars. I’m always inviting people to things. To name just a few, Stevie Wonder, who sang “Happy Birthday” at my house to my youngest daughter. I invited Mike Tyson and his family to spend several days in the mountains of Utah. I invited Larry King to have lunch every Monday at the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel. I get along well with the Black-Eyed Peas, especially with Will I Am. One evening, I dined with Al Pacino… quite a memorable evening. At the end of the meal, we were sitting face-to-face, he looked me straight in the eye and said “I’ve played a lot of people like you, I knew they existed but this is the first time I’m meeting one.”


Excerpt 17

Many people revolved around Jacques Medecin. They all wanted to be close to him, to talk to him, to be seen with him, to be photographed with him. Christian Estrosi was one of those people. What a time, even Prince Rainier avoided him because perhaps, beside him, he felt powerless? Jacques was the king of Nice and Nice had built its border walls with France. Jacques was too powerful, too intelligent, too real, too charismatic, too much of too much. He had to be eliminated and that’s exactly what happened. The downfall of Jacques was commissioned by the Mitterand government and Charasse was the executor of his descent into hell. The weak who come together to fell the beast to be slaughtered. It was literally a death sentence for Jacques because he died of it. I remember that one day Jacques told me, “I’m in a boxing ring where my opponent has put lead in his gloves. I give up”. It was also a very important stage in my life as I witnessed the infernal machine of political corruption. Little did I know that, only a few years after his death, I would be consulting at the highest level of government.

Excerpt 18

We were preparing for the arrival of Christophe. What a magic moment. We were preparing the room of the little prince. Our housekeepers and our butler were busy preparing the last details. We were ready for everything, except for what would happen on December 14, 1999.

Excerpt 19

The strength of the taxpayer is incontrovertible, he just needs to realize it. Know that nothing, absolutely nothing happens without your money. You are the absolute power. You just need to join forces to be convinced of it.

Excerpt 20

Leading a country means, above all, conquering one’s ego to release one’s benevolence.

Excerpt 21

Indifference kills, do not be complicit.

Excerpt 22

Take the time to live happily and share that time with others.

Excerpt 23

Perfection exists, it’s enough to hold a newborn in your arms to have proof. Look at him. Listen to him breathe. Take his hand. Feel his heart that beats because it is this heart that will guide you in a world of peace and justice. If only you have the courage, promise to love and secure his future. We all carry within us the child that was there at the beginning, so start with this newborn. Don’t make the mistake of growing up while abandonning the child within.

Excerpt 24

You will be able to reach the maturity of being an adult, responsible for your decisions, while also maintaining the candor of a child.

Excerpt 25

How many times have I heard this phrase come from the mouths of the French, “I am no more unhappy than another”. I am speaking to all those who run our country. Do you not think that such a sentence is very representative of a great malaise in our country? “No more unhappy…”, is France still a good place to live? Stop making taxpayers pay for your incompetence to govern.

Excerpt 26

I believe in each of you, I believe in humanity. I know that we can, through the rallying force, not political but humanitarian, live in a fair and generous world.


Excerpt 27

When you choose a bank to invest your capital, you choose a bank that can generate big returns for you. The money from your taxes is your first capital, why entrust it to politicians and not to real finance professionals ?


Excerpt 28

My greatest achievement is that of having understood very quickly that wealth of the heart is much more imposing than any other wealth.


Excerpt 29

Followers of the philosophical school of Diogenes illustrate a notion of courageous cynicism. Cynicism is a behavior that will only bring you conflict. If your search for conflict is predominant in your character, it will be interesting to note that you are not alone in this. Many people are cynical because it gives them a false sense of control. Why a false sense of control? Starting a conflict will usually put you in a strong position, at least that’s what you think. In reality, this position of strength is nothing but a position of weakness because it’s not aggression that will give you the power to change things or to change a situation. Perhaps for a short time this aggression will give you a semblance of authority but in the medium term it will prove ineffective. Benevolence, on the other hand, is the winning horse.


Excerpt 30

They have proven that they do not have the skills to manage the economy of our country. It would be good to consider entrusting management of the state to people other than politicians. Have you noticed that the economy of our country has never been without economic crisis and that this has always been the case? It doesn’t matter which political party is in charge or which Heads of State are in place. One common point persists in this system of crisis. It’s always the politicians who run things.