Human Rights Unity

Philippe Argillier
President of Human Rights Unity

The content of this site will inform you about the structure of the RDH, Rassemblement des Droits de l’Homme in France, so that you can become familiar with our ideology.

Our American representatives will soon be replacing the content of the RDH, dealing with French politics, by the HRU program, domains of intervention and measures for the American people.

Subcommittee for Communication about Arts and Entertainment

The dissemination of cultural events via the Internet offers a wealth of information.

Meanwhile, the multitude of sites communicating information hinders the clarity of the information.

What types of events, what budget, what distance? This is repeated on countless sites, that not all will visit.

Information is circulating more in urban areas, leaving rural residents out of the loop.

How is it possible to present cultural initiatives to citizens wishing to discover artistic heritage without drowning them in a sea of web pages to consult and in allowing them to make a simple choice?

On the other hand, how can we convey local, regional artistic events in rural areas?

These are the types of discussions in which we want you to take part in this space.